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Brighten Up My Smile has a simple mission—to support people in creating healthy habits for a more fulfilling and joyous life. Our wish is that everyone we touch experiences health and vibrancy in body and in relationships both with themselves and others.

Our first heart-centered product is FlossStones, designed to serve as gentle reminders around your home reminding you to floss. Good dental hygiene can contribute to a healthy heart and much more; let FlossStones help you remember this key step to living vibrantly.

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May your smile be infused with joy - Your Brighten Up My Smile Team

10% of FlossStones Profits go Directly to Charity.

10% of profits resulting from FlossStonesTM sales will go to help the For World Wide Smiles Non-Profit, whose mission is to provide possibly life-saving dental treatment and preventive care to underserved people in some of the worlds most impoverished countries.



Brighten Up My Smile was born out of my own personal challenge in finding the right ritual that worked for me in order to keep my wisdom teeth. Post-it notes were ignored, but a sweet stone with word “Floss” inspired! Thus, FlossStones was created.

Being a life-long entrepreneur, I was driven to create these beautiful little stones for myself and others to encourage us all to form healthy habits and enjoy strong, healthy teeth.

My vision is to help support humanitarian projects through my products while also delivering thoughtful and heart-warming gifts that will beautifully encourage you in creating healthy habits.

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With Love,

Founder & Creator of Brighten Up My Smile

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