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Does renters insurance in Florida cover pet damages?

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Does renters insurance in Florida cover pet damages?

Ever go out and run a few errands and come home to a disaster caused by your furry friend? Anyone who owns pets completely agree that they are members of a family. However, that doesn’t mean that our adorable buddies cant wreak havoc on our homes. Pets are infamous for bathroom accidents, chewing furniture, scratching, and digging in our homes. In fact, one pet can easily cause thousands of dollars’ worth of damage to a home.

This leads to the question:Does renters insurance in Florida cover my pet damages? Most renters policies will not cover you against pet damages. This is firm, no matter if your dog chews your home structure, such as a wall. These types of damages are accidental and unexpected, but according to https://floridainsurancequotes.net/renters-insurance/renters-insurance-important-tenants-think/, it’s your own personal financial risk once you bring an animal into the picture.

What happens if my pet destroys someone else’s property?

Let’s use this as an example: say your dog damages a friend’s personal belonging while they are staying with you. In this particular situation, personal liability could kick in and help pay.

How can I avoid pet damages?

If you can’t afford to pay out of pocket for damages your pet has done to your rental. You should try to avoid the chance of an accident happening. Here are a few way to do just that.

Try to give your pet attention. Most of the time they act out just so you will pay attention to them.

Try out training. Many places out there can train your pet. That way they can be more obedient.

Pet proof your rental. Since your Florida renters insurance won’t cover you, try to pet proof your rental as much as possible. If you have a cat, try out a scratching post. If you have a dog try to set out some puppy pads in order to avoid bathroom accidents. Be sure to also provide your pets with proper toys to play with.

Groom your dog and cats nails to ensure no damages will done to your hardwood floor.

Even though pet damages aren’t covered, its still important that your purchase a renters policy in Florida from https://floridainsurancequotes.net/renters-insurance-quote/ . You will definitely want as much protection as possible when it comes to your rental. Don’t risk going without coverage. You could lose your belongings for good and not be reimbursed for their value. Renters can cover you for a variety of things and is very useful to have.