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What are the Florida auto insurance laws?

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What are the Florida auto insurance laws?

As you may already know, purchasing auto coverage is mandatory if you want to drive legally on the roads. It’s important that you not only purchase a policy but also understand what circumstances will be covered. It’s quite surprising how many people do not understand what’s covered by Florida auto insurance laws.

What isn’t covered according to car insurance laws in Florida?

Let’s start with the basics. A basic policy will cover your vehicle in the event of an accident. Once your coverage kicks it, damages sustained from the accident will be paid for along with medical expenses. If your car is damaged by vandalism or a hailstorm, according to, this would also be considered as an accident.

Basic fender benders, or parking lot accidents are also covered by a policy. However, one thing insurance laws do not protect you against is normal wear and tear of your vehicle, and any mechanical issues that happen along the way.

Does my auto insurance in Florida cover any repairs?

As mentioned above, you will not be covered against regular repairs.

Florida is a no fault state,which means each driver will pay for their own damages.

Car insurance laws state that insurance will not cover your usual repairs. However, you will be covered against repairs if it is listed in your policy as a peril.

Any engine tune ups, engine repairs, oil changes, body scratches, tire replacements, and others if this was directly caused by a peril covered in your policy. If you are worried about being able to afford these repairs, look into collision coverage and maybe even comprehensive insurance.

According to, collision insurance can protect you if your car collides with something other than another moving vehicle. This type of policy cover all damages to your car and the property that you hit. For instance, if you lose control of your car while reaching down to pick up your spilled coffee and hit a pole, you are covered.

Comprehensive coverage will cover some damages that’s not related to a collision, for example damages caused by falling objects, fire damages, natural disasters, and vandalism. You will also be covered by theft, glass damages, and coverage if you hit a deer.

So there is no way to cover regular maintenance?

You can still be covered against regular maintenance in a way. This is done by a mechanical warranty. This is coverage that is purchased with your car. However this coverage has a limited scope in what kind of repairs they cover.

The first step to protecting yourself while on the road is to understand Florida auto insurance laws. A policy will be able to cover you against any accidents on the road. If you think any additional coverage is needed, look into other options.


Homeowners insurance in Florida, how expensive is it really?

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Homeowners insurance in Florida, how expensive is it really?

Florida is known for some of the highest homeowners rates in the country. Many shoppers truly wonder how expensive rates really are. You should understand that there are many factors that can affect your rates. It’s important that you shop around online,to make sure you are receiving the best deal for your policy.

Here are a few factors that can affect your rates. Remember companies will provide you with different rates all according to these factors. These factors are as followed:

The value of your home – How much insurance coverage you purchase matters. You will pay less for a home insured for $150,000 instead of $300,000.

How far your home is from the ocean. All homes that are located close to the ocean are more likely to be damaged by a hurricane according to

Where is your Florida home located? Homes located in the southern portion of Florida cost more to insurer than homes located Northern.

What deductibles are chosen? Remember that higher deductibles will lower your premium. Most customers choose the $1,000 deductible. If you can afford it, the $2,500 or even $5,000 deductible can lower your rates.

Age of your home is another factor. New homes are less expensive to insure than older homes are. If you are looking to insure an older home with an updated roof, plumbing system, and electrical systems companies can provide you with discounts.

How many claims have you filed? Customers who constantly file claims may pay more than those who do not. A claim can stay around and affect your rates for up to 3 years.

How’s your credit? Many companies will check your credit score in order to determine your rates.

So how much is Florida homeowners insurance?

Rates are pretty steep here in the Sunshine State. In addition, the likelihood of disasters are high. Florida has been hit with deadly hurricanes recently and according to, that results in more claims. More claims equal higher rates, which is the average rate here’s around $1,800 a year. This is nearly twice the national average.

Yes, rates are expensive. However it also depends on the factors above. You should research if you are eligible for discounts, and comparison shop. This is a for sure way to start saving hundreds on a policy. Don’t wait. Grab a few quotes and find a homeowners insurance policy in Florida that’s affordable.